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5 reasons men should avoid bathing with hot water

Men in particular have been warned by health professionals not to bathe in hot water all the time. Some of the health reasons for this are as follows:

Affects fertility.

According to WebMD, studies have shown that bathing in hot water for more than 30 minutes impairs a person's fertility. Constant exposure to "moist heat" can lead to fertility problems. For men previously diagnosed with infertility, excessive exposure to boiling water can exacerbate the problem. When you stop taking hot showers for a long time, things tend to improve. Men who avoid hot baths have healthier, more motile sperm.

2. Can cause dry skin.

Since hot showers strip moisture from the skin, it can lead to dry skin in winter. If you have sensitive skin, hot showers can cause rashes and other allergies. Extremely dry skin can worsen eczema and lead to more serious health problems such as skin irritation.

3. Has the potential to make the skin wrinkle faster.

Everyone wants their skin to look younger, but taking hot showers regularly can cause wrinkles. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, making it dry and sensitive.

4. Potential to cause hair loss.

Pouring hot hot water over your head will damage the hair roots, resulting in hair loss. Hot water can damage hair follicles because they are not normal. Anything above 37 degrees Celsius is outside the typical body temperature range. Your hair may fall out and your scalp may become dry if you take a hot shower. This can lead to inflammation leading to hair miniaturization, thinning, and hair loss.

5. Potentially addictive.

According to Healthline, hot showers can be addictive and your body might even crave it on a hot day. So if you want to take a shower, fill it with two glasses of cold water; Not only will you feel more vital, but your skin and hair will also look years younger.

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