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Simple Dreadlocks, Hairstyles For Hair 4C Types

4c hair is generally perceived as a "very hard to keep" type of hair and so most women will rather use relaxer or even cut the hair off completely.

Dreads or temporal locks is a very easy and beautiful hairstyle for short natural hair especially 4c type. It can be managed and styled in anyway anyhow. One most important and fun thing about temporal locks or temporal dreads is that,it can be taken to any occasion, whether you're a student,a house wife,a working class woman or a market woman.

Again, did you know that we have permanent dreadlocks for people who want to keep dreadlocks for a longer time? This dreadlocks helps your skull to relax and not hurt. Unlike other braids that will hurt your skull and you'll also end up loosing your hair,these dreadlocks whether temporal or permanent when done by professionals, are friendly to the skull and you'll get a lot of hair.

Being twisted into it, locs preserve the hair's natural moisture and prevents it from drying out. Dry hair tends to be thinner, weaker, and more susceptible to damage from the elements. Moreover, dreadlocks help protect new hair. The statement that dreadlocks help hair grow faster is true.

So dear ladies, don't stress yourself and your skull for hairstyles that makes you sick at the end. When you are contemplating on the simple hairstyle to go for, just try dreads and you'll be amazed.

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