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How Shoes Were Made In The Beginning And How It Is Going Now.

The story, developments and trends in footwear fashion can be broken down into the central world history cycles: Prehistory (2,5 million BC 1250 BC) Antiquity (1250 BC – 476) The Middle Ages (476 – 1453) Early Modern Times (1453 – 1918) Modern Times (1918 - these days).

It’s complicated to imagine what existence was like when boots weren’t invented eventually. All initiated because of a certain and effective desire to care for the feet from foreign effects. This seemingly modest human desire changed into a rapidly developing business in which fashion was just as necessary as functionality.

Although the essential characters of footwear have continued constant, showing back at the deep and fascinating account of boots, you can learn that the colors, objects and methods did change. Before, shoes needed to be done by artisans. But contemporary, they are separate of a cooperative industry bringing in vast sums of capital each year.

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Antiquity BC


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