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Guys: blend these to prevent grey hair.

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Grey hair occurs when the colour of your black hair changes to white.

This normally happened at the older age of 45years and above.

A person below the ages of 30years with grey hair normally occurs gradually as a few stray stands and then increase from time to time to cover a large area of the hair.

When one eats the right nutrients and proves to follow proactive measures help to prevent grey hair.

Make sure you follow these carefully to prevent or stop your hair from being grey.

Get enough foods with the following nutrients:

1. Calcium ( Milk, Yogurt, Fish and Cereals)

2. Copper ( Peanuts, Beef liver and Crabmeat)

3. Iron ( Meat, Lentils and dark leafy green)

4. Protein ( Keratin)

5. Vitamin B-5 ( Fish and Beef liver)

6. Vitamin B-6 ( Potatoes and Poultry)

7. Vitamin D ( Fatty fish and eggs)

8. Zinc ( Beans, Red meat, Oysters)

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