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Lady Causes Stir With Her Wild Outfit And Everyone Is Talking About It.

Things happening in this world is becoming more and more Alarming. The world is full of ifs and buts.

Things are happening real and no more a movie something.

People do things, controversial things, weird and strange things.

People do things the way they like and it's becoming too much to handle.

Especially our slay queens and boss ladies, they are now center of attention and it keeps getting hotter and hotter everyday.

They do the unthinkable from their behavior to fashion or dressing and sometimes they look not good and morally not acceptable.

A Lady we chanced on the media called Christabelle who was spotted with some kind of weird fashion and it was so transparent that you can see her inner wears.

This kind of dressing is only done by slay queens because this wasn't a movie or photoshoot but just a normal outing dress.

See some of the photos below

And it seems she went to the beach or something and she also posted riding a horse.

What are your thoughts on this.

Leave your comments down below lets interact.

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