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Why Do We Have Semi Circle At The Base of Our Fingernail?

Why do we have semi circle at the base of our fingernail?

I once looked at the base of my fingernail and asked myself this same question. You probably might have experienced what I went through. The semi circle shape at the base of your fingernail in medical terms is called the Lunula. This is a Latin word which implies "Moon-like". It is an interesting name, isn't it?

This "Moon-like" of the fingernail is different in terms of colour than the rest of the nail. That is because this portion of your fingernail forms part of what we call the nail matrix. This is mostly the root of the nail bed. This region is responsible for the growing the whole fingernail.

What if you damage this portion of your fingernail? You have probably answered it yourself- this will cause you disastrous results.

This is because your entire finger nail is built upon. Much of your nail matrix is in the skin of the base of your fingernail. If you injure this portion of the fingernail, you will end up harming the growth of the entire fingernail.

In conclusion, the semi circle on your fingernail is the lunula and it forms the base section of your nail. It is where the entire fingernail grows from. If it gets damaged it can affect the growth of the whole fingernail.

Should I be concerned if I do not have this region visible on my nails? Comment for part two. 

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