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Between Hajia Bintu and Abena Cilla, who looks good in African wear?

This article is going to be a clash between two of Ghana's finest female models who have made it to the top with their numbers. These two beautiful Ghanaians have one thing in common and I am sure most of us certainly know what I am talking about.

Well, for those of us who are not over here, I am talking about endowment at the gluteus muscles. Talking about huge gluteus muscles formed around the pelvic girdle, these girls are well endowed with them.

Not only have they got these gluteus muscles. It has been coupled with fine adipose tissues which has added a fine artistic nature to their shape.

To be honest with you, their backsides are really nice and I am sure it contributed to the fame they have attained in Ghana and beyond. Like we were told in the Physics class, a magnetic field has the ability to attract magnetic materials towards a magnet.

This is the exact thing going on here. A nice backside is like a magnetic field and it is able to attract many followers and fans closer so they appreciate the beautiful nature of it.

Well, from the time of our forefathers, wearing of the beautiful African wear has always been with us. Most of us slept with them as a covering from cold and are still doing so. At a point, the number of cloths a woman had determined her wealth.

Cloths had gained so much importance to the extent that during "knocking", a procedure which is part of the preparations towards marriage, the groom and his family had to had cloths as part of the presents for the bride and her family.

Cloths have always been important in our side of life, they have been part of our rich culture but the introduction of foreign materials on the market tended to reduce the value given to cloths in our country.

For your information, the value may have declined but it is never going to fade out of this system.

This article initiated my quest into finding when these two Ghanaian models decided to rock the beautiful African wear to the fullest and looking at the pictures I got, one can tell they did justice to it.

Let's go straight to the pictures

1. Hajia Bintu

Looking at her beautifully designed African wear over here, there is no doubt she looks stunning. Even though, the dress is very long, you still see those curves within.

She isn't related to any brewery company in the country but trust me, she has got the coca- cola shape. Such a curvy human she is.

2. Abena Cilla

She is one of the most famous models in Ghana at the moment and I am glad she is doing well with her craft. Well, she also makes our local cloth look beautiful. Take a look at her in our beautiful Ghanaian cloth below

A peculiar thing about her pictures is her smiles. Like a bright light, it dazzles the eyes of the viewer, how beautiful.

I have laid before you two of Ghana's finest models at the moment. They have one thing in common that is the beautiful Ghanaian wear. Well, over to you all. Looking at them both, who do you think perfectly fits in the African wear?

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