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How To Treat Acne (Pimple) With Sanitizer

Everyone at some point in time gets acne on his or her face. Which can be very irritating and bothersome when you try to treat it. Sometimes the fear of developing scars on your face as a result of the acne can as well stress you up.

You might have tried an awful lot medicines, creams and several acne treatments but you still couldn't get rid of that stubborn acne.

That's because acne doesn't really have a cure, it comes and goes with time. But then there are various ways you can get your acne reduced without developing scars and black spots.

Some people love to squeeze their acne or pimples and that leaves them with acne scars and spots. Squeezing your acne is actually a bad habit and it can really make your acne worse if you don't take care.

And that's because squeezing it can push the bacteria deeper into the skin, which might cause more swelling and redness. 

However, there is a way you can squeeze your acne and treat it without leaving you with scars.

Yes! you can get your pimples reduced or fade without any scars or spot with these simple method I'm about to show you.

All you need is an alcohol base sanitizer made with Aloe Vera. Yes the normal sanitizer we use for our hands but it should contain Aloe Vera, as Aloe is very good for the skin and acne treatment.

First of all make sure you get yourself an Aloe Vera sanitizer with at least 90% alcohol before you begin this treatment.

Because less alcohol can not kill the bacteria so make sure the sanitizer you're using has more than 40% alcohol.

After you get the sanitizer, all you need to do is to squeeze the pimple and get that whitish substance from it.

Then get a face towel, fetch some of the sanitizer onto the towel and clean the area you had acne and around it thoroughly.

And within a week the acne will vanish without scaring your face or leaving you spot.

Note: it might not work for everyone. So kindly bare with me.

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