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Dress Style


Four Wrong Styles Of Dressing By Men

These are ways you should completely avoid messing with your style. Here are five common ways that men are dressing completely wrong.

The first one comes with your shirt sleeves – Guys all the time just unbind their shirt sleeves and just stuff their sleeves all the way up. Well, that’s not the best way to do so, not only will your shirt sleeves start rolling down during the day making it look messy. Instead, try something a little bit more professional like this rule; all you do is unbutton your shirt, roll your shirt sleeve up to your elbow and then roll it one more time. Not only will it stay nice around your forearm, you just look way cleaner.

The Second one comes with the dress shirt – Guys just don’t how to wear dress shirts and it’s the muffin top. This happens several ways; One is usually guys that maybe view their shirts too tight so after they tuck it in, they pull it out a little bit and they reap a muffin top. All it does is add visual pounds to your overall image and it’s a complete easy fix. Try something like a military tuck, grab the excess fabric on both sides of the shirt, fold them back and tuck it in nicely. Wear a good belt and you should be good to go.

Thinking that leather shoes are only dressy shoes – Leather shoes can be worn with jeans, it can even be worn with shorts if you’re wearing leather loafers. This is a common mistake for guys, they see leather shoes only for boardroom meetings. That's wrong.

Not wearing a watch – It’s a missed opportunity not wearing a watch. That’s such an easy wat to improve your style.

By: Isaac Newton

Content created and supplied by: DemPolice (via Opera News )


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