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Before You Wear A Ring, Read What happened To This Beautiful Lady

Before You Wear A Ring, Read What happened To This Beautiful Lady

 If you’ve ever had a ring stuck on your finger, it can cause a bit of panic and frustration. For that reason, the Hand Therapists at Athletico are offering a couple of strategies to safely remove a ring from your finger before a more serious situation arises. 

There are several reasons why a ring may become stuck on a finger. A ring could be too small, arthritis in joints can cause swelling, as can fluid retention, or warm weather could all be contributing factors. Over time, your fingers can also become larger on a ring if it is rarely removed, causing it to become stuck.

A tight ring on the hand will affect the blood circulation of the finger. Over time, your fingers will become numb, sore, and painful. Wearing a ring for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the fingers. Poor blood return will cause the fingers to be slightly swollen, and a serious dark mark will appear.

A young lady, Oma Longinus, entered the social media to tell her how she doesn't lose her finger.

She said it just like she posted it in Nigeria's Tales website.

She gave the lovely rings she wore some time ago, that's her story some weeks before, all started yesterday morning, and she decided to wear those rings, because she was wearing them a long time ago.

She said she attended a few jobs before taking the lectures at 16:00, so she rushed to finish the work, and attended the lectures.

A query was posed by the instructor. They started to clarify, she answered the question, she started playing with her finger's ring, and she doesn't know when she forced it through her finger. She said the lecture was really nice enough to talk.

S she tried to take down something, to her greatest surprise, but the ring refused to move, called out her sis and neighbors and none could get it out, they used anything that could take it out of her.

Eventually they went to Google to find a remedy, and no one worked, slept with it, but couldn't sleep. She was already swollen and had to hold her hands in ice water all night.

The next morning she went to the carpenter to help her avoid her, since there was a very expensive port she couldn't visit a hospital.

-Remediation -

The pictures below are the last and next. She is so lucky.

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