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Do You Have Pimple On Your Face? Use Charcoal To Get Rid Of Them

Some people get 1 or 2 pimples in a while, some others are struggling with a lot of them. It makes someone not to be happy with their face, in turn, it leads to low self-esteem in some people.

Nobody loves the sight of the pimple, people love their face to be far away from any form of acne or pimple.

People misinterpret Acne for Pimple, they are not the same, in this article, we would elucidate properly on both of them and how to use Charcoal to get rid of them.

Pimples are formed when the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum become infected or clogged, it leads to swelling on the skin that is normally filled with pus.  In the United Kingdom, pimples are called spots.

An Acne is a persistent and recurring pimple, it occurs in some parts of the skin, the face, neck, chest, and back. 

The treatment of pimple with this charcoal is simple and easy, I will be breaking down the procedure on how to use it into different steps.

Step 1: Get a small quantity of Charcoal and grind it to become a very smooth feel.

Step 2: Add About 2 Teaspoons of honey and mix thoroughly

Step 3: Wash Your Face With Soap And Water

Step 4: Apply it to every part of your face and be careful so it won't enter your eyes.

Step 5: Allow standing for about 30 minutes.

Step 6: Wash it off after 30 Minutes.

Continue this procedure for 3 days and then look at the mirror and see the tremendous effect of this Charcoal and Honey mixture.

What causes acne on your face?

Well there are many known causes of Acne, but we would be looking at the 4 major causes of Acne, they are:

1. Hormones: As many of us have noticed that hormonal changes bring about acne. We have seen growing teenagers, pregnant women, and other kinds of people experiencing increased production of sebum, and this leads to developing Acne. 

2. Genetics: If a parent had Acne, there is an increased tendency that the child would have that too.

3. Diet: Studies have shown that increased intake of milk, certain carbohydrates and sugars increase the occurrence of acne.

4. Stress: Stress has not been shown to increase the production of acne, but it has been shown that stress can make it worse.

Thank you for reading, kindly follow us for more updates. 

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