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Diana Sirokai has a thick curvaceous body and she is a great motivation for other plus sized people

A slim body, long legs, tiny waist, a pretty face and overall, an attractive look. These are the descriptions of what a typical model looks like a few decades ago. Until the start of the 21st century, slim ladies were the ones best suited for the exhibition of clothes for top fashion brands in the world. This was primarily because it is easier to fit them in any attire and the small nature of their body puts what they are wearing in focus, instead of the person wearing it. The story is no longer the same these days as we begin to see more and more plus sized women venture into a career which was previously believed to be for their slim counterparts. The sudden balance is as a result of human understanding of fashion not being limited to only one group of people. In this article, I will be drawing the spotlight on one plus sized model who has contributed immensely to the recognition of models with big body sizes.

Diana Sirokai was born on May 21, 1996 in Budapest, Hungary. She and her family moved to London, UK in 2009, which is where she lives currently. In an interview she had with "" a couple of months ago, Diana said she grew up with her mother who was nail stylist and it was at that early stage that she began to get her inspiration. Diana never felt ashamed of her big body. She rather stood up to make her dream of becoming a model come true. She rose to fame through her eponymous Instagram account when she started her professional modeling career in 2012. Aside modeling, she is also a fashion designer, nail stylist and body positive activist, who has encouraged several people to have confidence in themselves.

Her self titled Instagram page has more than 1.2 million followers. She keeps them fascinated by posting beautiful images and short clips of herself. Check out these magnificent photos of her;

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Diana Sirokai


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