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Linda from Lebanon set the Internet on fire with her titanic buttocks. See her pictures

Linda is a lebanese and also a professional model. She is someone who pride herself with how beautiful the creator created her. She is someone who is blessed with nice curves and big backside. Checkout her pictures that she was flaunting her enormous backside.

Lebanon as a polity begins with the Emirate of Mount Lebanon, constituted in the late sixteenth century as an autonomous region inside the Ottoman Empire. The history of this Emirate is primarily the history of the integration of the entirety of Mount Lebanon under its authority and its expansion toward surrounding regions of Palestine and the Syrian hinterland. Within the Emirate there developed a number of distinguishing characteristics that would greatly impact the structure and developments of Lebanon in modern times: a sizeable Christian numerical majority; an early conversion to production for the market (silk) and to international trade; a long cultural exposure to Europe; and a tradition of intervention by European powers in its internal affairs.

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