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Brazilian Fitness Model Causing Stir On Social Media.

Annabel DaSilva taking a gym selfie looking fit and curvyFrom battling bulimia and body dysmorphia to becoming a renowned fitness model, Annabel DaSilva has a truly inspiring transformation story.

Annabel started modeling at the tender age of 16, right after finishing high school. At first, this was her dream job. But she quickly came to realize the restrictions this lifestyle set upon her.

Annabel was constantly on her toes when it came to her diet and training. This made her feel terrible and led to body image issues.

It wasn’t until she decided to replace constant travels and the restrictive lifestyle of a bikini model with the weight room, that her life began changing for the better.

After years of working out and changing her perspective on foods, she went on to sculpt a body that now inspires others. Annabel DaSilva is a rising fitness talent originally from Brazil but now residing in India. From a young age, Annabel wanted to become a model.

Her interest in modeling was so great that Annabel finished high school at the age of 16 and decided to travel the world doing modeling instead of continuing with her education.

However, this is where things started going downhill for her.

Shortly after entering the world of modeling, Annabel realized it distorted her image and self-confidence. She developed an unhealthy relationship with food as a way of adhering to the standards of the modeling industry.

Unfortunately, Annabel’s self-image issues soon turned into something even more serious – bulimia and body dysmorphia.

For the first three years as a model, Annabel struggled to cope with everyday life. “I thought I was never enough, always needing to lose weight and constantly nitpicking at myself.”

But one day, Annabel woke up and said to herself “enough is enough”. It was at this point that her fitness journey began.Annabel DaSilva showcasing her curvy figure in red leggings

Annabel DaSilva flexing in a gym selfie

Annabel DaSilva posing in front of a gym mirror

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