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Skin Care

I use to bleach but not anymore: Beautiful lady told fans

Skin bleaching is the changing of the skin colour of the human being from dark to fair with the use of items like chemicals, soaps, herbs, fade creams and any other substance that is strong enough to cause a quick change of the skin colour.

Many women and youthful ladies in Ghana attach much passion to beauty than any other thing. In view of this fact, many chemicals, soaps, herbs and other unhealthy concoctions are being used by these fashionable youthful ladies and women in Ghana to bleach their skins giving them a face lift. In the process of bleaching, the skin colour changes from black to fair.

The intension of these women is that, beauty is associated with lighter or fair skin. This has driven most of them into the craze of skin bleaching without recourse to the dangerous side effects that the practice can expose them to in the near future.

A young beautiful lady was telling her story to her fans on Facebook live where she mentioned that, she use to bleach. Many people were shocked looking at her nice skin colour. She is dark and beautiful so

it difficult to believe she has bleached her skin before. Even though I don't personally believe her because, her skin don't looks like someone who has bleached before.

Check out her picture and also give your views if you also think she has bleached before as she was saying.

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