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Skin Care

Carrot Soap To Treat Pimples, Heal Acne And Lighten Skin

Benefits of homemade carrot soap:

Our skin is harmed at a very young age due to pollution, stress, and excessive makeup. We are therefore continuously looking for skin care solutions to help improve our skin, especially cleansers.

We need a pores-fine product such that breakdowns cannot be avoided. Regardless of whether you are cleaning your face with a soapbar or with foam to clean, soap is the most important ingredient for cleansing your face.

There are dozens different soaps on the market, but many contain chemicals that may hurt your skin. I will teach you how carrot and sweet soap, components that are known for their excellent characteristics.

The anti-ageing and hydration benefits of the honey and carrot are well established. The antioxidant qualities protect the skin against UV radiation and pollutants and assist to repair damaged cells that prevent better roots or wrinkles. Give you a shine of youth.

Using carrot soap regularly will :

1. Minimize your pore.

2. Reduce pimples.

3. Give you herbal glow.

4. Soften your pores and skin.

5. Give you that sun kissed without facing the sun.

How do you make self cleaning soap with carrots:

Now, since you can manufacture your own at home, you don't have to get out and buy carrot soap.

All you need is the following ingredients:

8 tablespoons of carrot purée

8 tablespoons of the water you cooked carrot in

8 tablespoons of sodium hydroxide

14 tablespoons of coconut oil

14 tablespoons of almond oil

1 tablespoon of Glycerine

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon of pure honey

10 drops carrot seed essential oil


The ingredients are prepared, Use wooden utensils before you start wearing safety gloves and start the procedure. Mix the puree, water and sodium hydroxide in a glass container until they integrate everything. Salt then and cool 45 minutes. Then add salt.

Mix your coconut, almond oil and glycerin, add them to the cooled mixture.

Using a binding mixer, mix the mixture until thick, and then pour it into silicone molds.

Once solid, you could use them.

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