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Skin Care

For women: What can happen if you wear a bra for a long time?

When it comes to cleanliness, a good rule of thumb is that the more often you should wash something, the closer it is to your body.

Medical News Today says that wearing a bra for a long time can lead to the following problems.

1. You'll get gross stuff in your bra

Under the surface of oil, dirt, lotion, and other muck, bacteria, yeast, mold, and other microorganisms live (or nipple, as it were). You might not know how dirty your bra has become until you finally give in and wash it. At first, these chemicals may not seem dangerous, but when they are mixed, given time, and not treated, they can change into something very dangerous.

2. The smell from your bra will spread to the rest of your clothes.

As an adult, you should already know that dirty things get smelly quickly if they aren't washed often. When it comes to your underwear, you don't have to follow this rule. Even if you spray it with perfume every morning while getting ready, it will eventually smell like a dirty gym locker room, no matter how much perfume you use. There's a chance that the faint smell you can smell now will spread to the rest of your clothes.

3. Your bra might get dirty.

Deodorant is your best friend, right up until it turns your lace bra and underwear yellow after you've worn them for several days in a row. Sweat stains are notoriously hard to get rid of because oil and dirt mix together.

4. The chance of getting acne goes up.

This is very likely to happen if you always work out while wearing a sports bra. Body acne is often caused by wearing wet underwear, so if you've never had it before, don't start now. Since bras are so close to the skin, all the dirty microorganisms that have built up over time can easily cause friction.

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