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Skin Care

Everyone Should Know What This Symbol On Products Means- Especially The Ladies

Every now and then we happen to patronize products for various purposes and needs, we usually go in for those we believe are quality ones and would not in any way lead to complications or side effects. The quality of these products is absolutely significant, no doubt at all_ but there exists other factors aside quality that could lead to certain complications when not taken into consideration. One of these factors happen to be engraved on the product_ " a symbol which is normally located behind products usually with the letter " M" and a number attached. The symbol is known as the POA symbol which stands for " Period After Opening" and is there to notify you of the useful lifetime of a cosmetic product after its package has been opened for the first time. This symbol is very important as it tells the consumer when the product's use could lead to certain complications. It is usually depicted as a number of months_ for instance " 12M" would mean the consumer is liable to use the product for only twelve months after opening it for the first time. It is very important that we all know this to avoid using these products when their POA's are overdue. Do share this article to help create the much needed awareness, thanks for your time dear reader.

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