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Meet Harnaam Kaur, a Lady who Keeps Beard

Beards are Very common in our society today, gone are those days when a clean shaven face was the real deal, these days keeping of beards is what fashion dictates. You will see several men going to the extreme to make sure they have beards. Beards are now seen as a form of manliness. Men go about spending their hard earned money to get products to make their beards grow fast and fuller, to show you the importance of beards in our society. While some men are finding it so difficult to grow beards, a lady somewhere in this world is comfortably growing beards even against her own will.

Harnaam Kaur is a native of India, and she has more beards than many men I know. Many people might want to assume this is artificially grown beards. If you are having doubt about her, I’ll advise you to pick up your phone and check her out on google, let me know what you find.

This rare condition started for this Beautiful lady at a very young age of 12, when she was diagnosed of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PSCOS), which simply means she will grow excessive hair on her face and some other parts of her body. Initially she was troubled by this but over time she got used to it and decided to keep it.

Kaur has been keeping her bears in the most glorious way I know, she even cares for it way more than several bearded men. This beards have never stopped her socializing, as she is a very social person. In fact she has no form of low self esteem.

Do you know any lady with as much beards as she does? I really think she is a beautiful woman nonetheless, what’s your take.

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