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You cannot match with her: Second lady causes stir with her bold fashion outfits

Beautiful inside out and no exposure of skin whatsoever to call attention to herself. On the contrary, her simple yet exquisite appearance is able to turn heads. Her humility and decency gives much pride to others with the knowledge that such a personality is the second lady of the country.She is a role model to many especially when it comes to morals, education, religion, politics, woman empowerment, fashion and many more. And cameras cannot stop flashing and clicking away in order to have the opportunity of capturing an epitome of much beauty.Beauty that announces itself without forcing to be what it is not. Beauty that calls attention even in hiding. 

Many showed much respect and love towards her on her birthday because of the value she has put on herself and her acts of kindness speak for her. All over social media, photos of her in red, blue and green outfits have caught the attention of many and these photos continue to be reposted and are even causing arguments as to which colour of her outfits fits her best. Red,blue or green?.

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