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Skin Care

How To Get Ready For Bed (for Girls)

School-age kids need about 10 – 11 hours of sleep a night, while teens need around eight-and-a-half to nine hours of sleep each night.[1] Make your bedtime ritual a priority, leaving enough time to take care of hygiene (remove makeup, wash your face, etc.) and to wind down, avoiding electronics and other things that can keep you awake and alert. Make sure your bedroom is comfortable so you get peaceful, high-quality sleep every night.

Dealing with Personal Hygiene

1. Remove any makeup. Sometimes you may feel so tired you want to skip removing your makeup before bed, but you should never go to sleep without removing it first. Leaving makeup on can clog your pores. Your skin needs to breathe and heal at night, so you should remove your makeup to allow this to happen.

Wipe off any foundation, primer, or other products with a facial wipe. Make sure to wipe away any traces of makeup.

Even if you're just wearing mascara, you should still remove your makeup. Leaving mascara on can clog hair follicles, and it can also damage your lashes and make them brittle, which can cause them to break. Brittle lashes may also bend and poke you in the eye.

2. Wash your face. You should always wash your face before bed. This can help prevent acne breakouts by removing dirt, bacteria, and oils that have accumulated during the day. You should use a mild soap meant to treat acne and wash your face with warm water.[3]

Do not scrub your face. Gently massage your face in circular motions until you've worked up a lather with the soap. Then, rinse your face off.

If you have any acne lotion, you should apply this after washing your face.

3. Decide whether to shower. Many people shower in the morning; however, if an evening shower is part of your routine, hop in the shower before bed. In certain circumstances, showering before bed may benefit you.[4]

If you typically have difficulty falling asleep, it's a good idea to shower at night. After you get out of the shower, you experience a rapid cooling effect on your body. This can help induce sleep.

If you have dry, flaky skin, your skin may respond better to a shower at night.

Make sure your sheets are clean. If you shower at night, you don't want to undo your shower by sleeping on dirty sheets.

4. Brush your teeth. Not brushing your teeth can cause decay during the night. Remember to brush the back of your teeth, as this is the most missed part according to dentists.

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