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Grow your 4C hair faster, longer and healthier than you can imagine and thank me later

Watching your 4C queens flaunt their hair in videos, you sometimes feel it's impossible to aquire same hair length. Well,just like you they also started from scratch and you can also get to where they are now. You can also grow your 4C natural hair to your desired length and thickness only if you follow the appropriate hair regimen.

Irrespective of your hair type, growing it requires patience and consistency from you and 4C hair is no exception.

In this article,I'd be sharing with you some healthy tips on how to grow your 4C hair to your desired length without any difficulty.

Understanding the kind of hair you have and knowing how it works will help you know how which regimen is best for it.

What is 4C hair?

4C hair is one that has tightly coiled strands with a very tight zigzag pattern. It has no defined curl pattern. It is more prone to dryness and shrinkage hence the most fragile type of hair. Have you ever asked yourself...

How long can 4C hair grow?

4C hair grows at roughly ½inch every month meaning in a year,your expected to see about an increase of six inches in your hair. The breakage of your 4C hair due to its dryness and shrinkage may affect this result.

Your genetic makeup also determines how long your hair can grow. If you have a faster and longer hair growth genetic trait,you're going to experience a faster and a longer hair growth than the normal. If otherwise, then you'd have to put in much effort to attain the desired length.

Your hair needs some kind of freedom to be able to grow to its maximum length. Just like growing a plant,you do not expect to see results overnight, do you? You can't just put a seed in the soil and expect a plant the next day so like I said earlier, growing your hair needs patience. For you to see a significant difference,you'd have to wait for let's say months. But if you're so itchy to see if your hair is really growing,then you can use a measuring tape or hair length chart to check the results. You can do this every month if you want.

Caring and growing your 4C hair

Imagine growing your hair to your desired length and then it all breaks off. You'd feel so hurt and regret embarking on this journey. Growing your hair,you also need to retain it as well. If you do not retain your hair,then it will only grow and break and the cycle will repeat itself over and over again. But don't worry,I'm going to show you how to grow and retain it as well.

Regular shampooing

Shampooing your hair regularly helps your hair to grow and thrive. It helps to keep your hair and scalp clean and also helps to take out product buildups and create space for moisture back in the hair.

You should shampoo your hair every two to four weeks. This will also help to prevent mass tangles hence reducing breakage.

You should always make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo to help avoid dryness and breakage.

Finger de-tangling

The tightly coiled strands of the 4C hair makes it tangle up easily. In the process of de-tangling,you may end up loosing a lot of strands. You can use a comb to de-tangle but it's never advisable because as the comb runs through the tangles,it takes with it a lot of strands and inflict much pain on your scalp.

Using your finger is the best way to de-tangle knots in your hair. It may take much time but it prevents hair loss as compared to using the comb. You can add product with enough slip when finger de-tangling. This would make it easier and faster as some tangles unravel themselves thanks to the product initiated.

Deep condition treatment

Deep conditioning helps your 4C hair to thrive. It provides your hair with moisture, nourishes it and gives it that healthy, shiny look you see in your 4C queen's video.

Deep conditioning helps your hair to grow as it prevents tangling and breakage. Once every month,you should deep condition your hair to help in your hair growth and length retaining.

Use products that suits your hair

Every hair advocate will tell you which product to use to help your hair grow but not all hair are same. You should not expect same result as theirs. What may work out perfectly for them may not work out well for you. You should try out products and find which one is best for your hair.

When selecting your hair products,you should make sure to add moisturizing ones. Natural hair is mostly dry so products with much moisture will help you retain your hair moisture.

Trimming split ends

Why trim my hair when I want to add more. Well, trimming split ends is not damage to your hair,rather it does your hair a great deal. As your hair grows,the dead ends tend to split since they've lost strength. Trimming these ends creates room for fresh healthy hair to grow. It also helps to prevent tangles hence less breakage.

You should be careful when trimming split ends. Make sure to only cut off the splits and not the healthy strands. You can do this maybe twice or thrice a year depending on how rapid the ends split.

Massaging your scalp

It is believed that blood flows in the scalp helps hair to grow. Massaging the scalp with the use of your fingertips or a scalp brush will help blood circulate to your scalp and hair follicles and this will promote hair growth. You can do this for about three to five minutes every night before going to bed.

Protective hairstyles

Leaving your hair in braids or twist helps your hair to grow and thrive. When you leave your hair in a protective style,you should always moisturize it. This reduces breakage as the moisture prevents dryness and tangling.

You can leave your hair for a month or two but nothing more than that because it may cause some kind of damage to your hair.

You should also not be too quick to put your hair in a new style right after taking out the old one. You should allow your hair some fallow period to breathe and grow by itself.

Healthy living and patience

Whatever we take into our body reflects on the outside and our hair is an inclusion. Eating balanced diet and having enough rest is also a key factor in growing your natural hair. You should also exercise to keep a fit body for a healthy hair to fit.

As I said from the start,you need to be very patient with your hair. You should so focused on the results,you should rather out more attention on the regimen and be very consistent. The hair will grow by itself and you'd be surprised by the results.

Thanks for reading and please do follow me also on IG and YouTube at Nayablaq for more beauty tips and thank me later 🙂.

Content created and supplied by: Blaqnaya (via Opera News )


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