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The End Time is Near: Lady Stuns the Internet With Craziest Outfit

They say you are addressed by how you dress. And by their ways, we shall know them, as the Holy Bible clearly says. This is very important. Because after Jesus Christ left the disciples on earth, they were easily spotted because of the apparel. In this world, your apparel speaks volumes of the type of person you are.

This is why the dressing of this lady comes to me as a shock. I mean, as a discerning human being, I was surprised to see a beautiful lady dress in this manner- showing more skin and flesh. The bible told all Christians to be circumspect and decent in their apparel. As children of God, there are appropriate dresses we must wear.

This is not the kind of dress to wear outside. It doesn’t show a mature lady who is keeping her body blameless for her husband. There must be some cautions in the outfits of ladies who visit the gym centres. Sometimes their dresses can ruin the healthy relationship between the gym instructor and herself. Men are susceptible and anything they see drives their attention. 

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