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Yellow Teeth? Rub These Two Herbs On Them And See What Happens

Do you ever feel somehow 'awkward' talking in public? Have you been moving from one dentist to another looking for a solution for your yellow teeth? Or maybe you are going to have your first date with your crush and you are worried about the smell from the buccal side of your mouth.

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Well, if you can relate to any of the above scenarios then you certainly found the right source. In fact, having foul or bad breath can really be embarrassing and it even becomes worst when you open your mouth and people realise you have yellowish teeth.

Teeth are meant to be white and you can also make your white which is why we intend to have a look at how you can use these two popular herbs to make your teeth white.

How to whiten your teeth with common kitchen ingredients | The Times of  India

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How To Make Your Yellow Teeth White Using These Herbs

Have you heard of scent leaves before? What about the Neem tree?

Neem Leaves Information and Facts

Well, I guess you nodding your head if not then you are really far behind time. Of course, these two herbs are very popular and have been used since time memorial. Recently, studies showed that the Neem tree was very effective for treating Leprosy and eye problems as well.

In fact,Green Fresh Pudina Leaves, Rs 20 /kilogram Fresh Veggies | ID: 20540476955 the benefits of these two herbs are very well documented and are varied from topical benefits to intestinal benefits. Scent leaves have also played an important role in fertility and ovulation. With the two at your disposal, here is how you can use them to switch your yellow teeth.


1. Neem twigs

2. Scent leaf or Basil paste

How To:

First, you will need to apply the basil paste on the teeth and rub the Neem twigs on them. The oil content from the Neem twigs will work the magic for you. Here, the oil acts like an astringent to make the miracle happens.

Did you know you can use Basil or Scent leaf to treat Impotence? Let me know if you want the remedy.


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