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Skin Care

If you often see marks on your skin anytime you wake up from bed, here is what it means

As Africans we often attribute many natural and unconscious occurrences to spiritual and often blame witches and innocent people for these weird occurrences which can sometimes be interpreted with canal knowledge.

Many people wake up seeing weird scratches and marks on their skins during the cause of their sleep and begin to wonder where they sustained these several scratches on their bodies which sometimes itch.

Scientifically, there are many proven reasons why people often wake up with these weird looking scratches on their skin and we will highlight a few of these in this article . Many a times people take their night showers with soaps and smear pomades that are not favorable with their skins and in the cause of their sleep often develop sensational body itching and which causes them to constantly scratch their skins without knowing.

Many young men and women, mostly teenagers often grow unnecessary long nails or even fix some in the case of the ladies. These long nails whiles they sleep and toss around on their bed scratch their skins and they are often too sleepy to feel the pain or notice the scratch.

Many people also claim the wall geckos in our room ceilings often fall down mistakenly from the ceiling or the walls and in an attempt to run quickly use their shark claws to scratch our skins but we’re often too sleepy to notice.

Even though these claims are not proven and widely accepted, some people also claim they are often the works of witches and principalities who either use their victims in performing their evil activities and should the victims spirit be too strong to resist their advances they end up punishing them.

Do you have any other reasons or explanations to these marks and scratches people often see on their bodies when they wake up ? Do not hesitate to drop your views and comments in the comment box below and please share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading this article.

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