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Check Out How People Reacted After A Lady Posted Pictures Of The Crochet Bikini She Made

It's the 21st century, and most people know that fashion has always been a thing of this age, especially people trying amazing fashion outfits and trends. Crochet a type of needlework in which loops of thread or yarn are connected with a single hooked needle

A lady who seems to be creative took to social media to share the crochet bikini she made with her needle and thread. Twitter users had a lot to say about her post. They were awed by the bikini and bathrobe she designed, as well as her beauty.

Many people blasterred her, claiming she was advertising her body and looking for male clients. As for me, I think she did a good job. At least she can produce something instead of prostituting or depending on men to foot her budget.

It's a good welcome our lady are becoming industrious and helpful to the society not like olden days when women are only subjected to the kitchen. What do you think of this lady's creative work? 

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