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Makeup Skills

What happened to their noses? Makeup totally transformed their faces.

The advent of makeup in our normal life has caused many changes. It boosts up the confidence of women and makes their appearance stunning. Well, this is quite positive but on the other hand, it confuses men by giving them wrong impressions about the appearance of women.

Makeup is good but I think too much of makeup makes everything confusing. This article is going to see me talk about women who completely changed their appearance, kind courtesy makeup. I will be inserting the pictures in this write-up as time goes on so you just watch out for them.

It is no news applying makeup on your face but what made these women distinct from the other women is that, before the makeup you could see that their noses were different from the noses we see after the makeup was done.

This got me asking myself this question. What do they really want which got them considering the idea of streamlining their noses? These women are really introducing new stuff into the world and I wouldn't be surprised if I see them even change the color of their eyes.

Some of them started with eyelashes and moved straight to eyebrows. From eyebrows, they ventured into altering the size of their backside and finally, they are resorting to changing the shapes of their noses with the aid of makeup kits.

When I first saw these pictures, I got shocked because never had I ever imagined that it would get to a certain point in life where some people would temporarily trade their normal natural noses and go in for other "artificial ones".

The pictures shown are pictures which depicts how some ladies have changed the shape and sizes of their noses with the aid of a makeup. There is no way you are going to believe they are the same people in the first frame if we told you without providing an evidence. They have completely changed their appearance.

What do you think about ladies not staying natural and going in for these looks which tend to deceive people? Is it cool? I am not against they putting on makeup, I really love it and I know most of us love it but I think some of them are taking it too far. This shouldn't be so.

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