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Two homemade drinks to clear acne, inflammation and improve the immune system.

Well when it comes to acne, is an inflammatory skin issue so you will like to take a holistic approach to enable you to understand the cause of these acnes.

The problem that comes up on our skincare is from the inside, so we are going to consider two drinks that will be taking care of acne from the inside out. The first drink is lemon water with apple cider vinegar.

Lemons contain vitamin C, it also helps boost the immune system so that it can help fight the bacteria and free radicals which are inside our body. Vitamin C also plays a role in the production of collagen which is the protein that gives us that that bouncing and youthful glow.

Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid and acetic acid helps our bodies absorb and also transport the minerals that we get from our foods and drinks. It also helps rebalance the PH level of our stomach. When we are stressed we produce high cortisol hormones and high stress can cause alkalosis.

So acetic acid in apple cider vinegar rebalance the PH level in our stomach so that everything we eat and drink can be absorbed by the body. The next drink is the Tumeric drink. Tumeric is highly rich in a compound called curcumin or curcuminoid. Which is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound which helps to protect our cells from oxidative damage.

This drink is made by adding the Tumeric powder, a little bit of cinnamon powder with little pieces of ginger to milk. Mix it in a saucepan and heat it and your drink is ready.

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