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"Is This Fashion or Madness? - See What Our Top Celebrities Wear And Call Fashion - Photos"

Every country has a culture that implies the way they dress, marry, and festivals. Ghana to be precise is Known as one of the African countries where most of their ladies dress to cover their body especially ladies. They have a term called ‘Kata wo ho sie twen wo aware da’ which means you should cover your body well till the time you get married and also continue like that way.

Comparing the olden days to the current modern Ghana you could find out that most of the Ghanaian ladies have shifted from the olden days dressing and they now dress like the European “ which is the foreign or the western culture.

Now, most of the ladies could wear anything and called it fashion, when you asked them what they say is that we are now in the modern world and they can’t dress like old ladies.

Without boring you with much talking I will drop some of the pictures below so that you could judge it yourself if it is fashion or madness.

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