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Meet Plus Sized Models Causing Stir With Their Incredible Curve Body Shape

Everyone was born with a genetically determined body shape. For instance, pear or apple or straight body shape. Let’s be honest a well toned, curvy body is very, very attractive. Nowadays, social media is full with women with curvy and attractive bodies. These women classify themselves as social media models. This models tend to flaunt their beautiful curvy bodies online to attract attention and followers to their platforms. 

Some time back, losing weight and being slimmer was the best body type. It was attractive and considered sexy. Over the years perceptions have changed. Today curves are the in thing. What do I mean by curves? To get a curvy body your waist needs to be small, your hips and bust need to be slightly wider and your butt must be lifted. 

We all know exercise is the key to looking fit and sexy. There are many types of exercise out here and all promise to give us the body we want. However, there is a perception most women; if they exercise they will lose weight or they are already slim why should they exercise? Depending on your body goals exercise is the best remedy. But not all body goals have the same approach.

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