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Stonebwoy's Little Girl Surprises Ghanaians With Her Awesome Makeup Skills.

Ghanaian Musician, Stonebwoy's daughter Jidula leaves Ghanaians in awe with wonderful makeup technique

Gone are the days when children were seen to be most often ignorant of certain things pertaining to fashion taste and other things that are being done presently.

In some cases, even adults would have to seek for help from professionals. Initially, for certain activities like fixing artificial nails, nail polishing and applying makeup, an individual would have to seek help from a professional before getting them done.

With the introduction of technological devices like smart phones, people now just have to purchase an internet bundle and go online to watch videos to help them get such things done.

Videos can easily be obtained on various social media handles to help you with whatever activity one needs to perform.

All one needs is a smartphone that can connect you to the internet. Due to this new development, a greater percentage of the youth get glued to their smartphones all the time.

The daughter of the Ghanaian famous musician Livingston Etseh Seteklah better known to others by his stage name Stonebwoy was not Soo long ago seen in a video speaking awesomely good English as a white man would where people commented massively due to their surprise.

Meanwhile, Jidula is seen in a new video supposedly with her mother Dr. Louisa Seteklah in car going out.

This little girl who was seated at the front with her mother was seen seriously applying make-up on her face and when asked what she was doing, she replied stating she was having a makeup as she normally does before going it to play.

Ghanaians are so surprised as most grown ups would even find it difficult to completely wear a makeup on. Jidula is indeed a completely different breed as the things she does normally gets people marvelled.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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