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7 Things You Do Them Wrong Every Day.

Everyone has a few bad habits but some of those habits make everyday tasks much more difficult than they have any right to be and because of them, there are so many things we've been doing wrong all this time without even knowing. In this article, I will share with you some of the things you've been doing wrong all this time.

1. Showering frequently 

showering frequently can wash off some of the skin's good bacteria and oils which upsets the body's natural balance causing dry and cracked skin. Moreover, according to the journal of allergy and clinical immunology, showering too frequently can also lead

to serious skin problems such as eczema that leads to incredibly itchy. So please kindly reduce the number of times you take a showering a day.

2. Applying Antiperspirant Deodorants Right After Having Your Bath

Andeodorant should not be applied right after taking your bath. If you take a look at the label of most antiperspirant deodorants, they will tell you to put it on right before you go to bed. This is because you are less active at night you sweat less so your skin absorbs more of the active aluminum-based ingredient of antiperspirant which sinks in and blocks those sweat ducts overnight. The active ingredient will generally last for about 24 hours so its effect won't wear off overnight.

3. Storing your carton of eggs in the fridge

Put away the groceries which contains a fresh carton of eggs but if you're thinking about storing them away in the egg compartment of your fridge door, then I've got some bad news for you. Eggs should be kept at a constant temperature below 68 degrees to maintain their freshness. The refrigerator door is actually the warmest part of the fridge being opened and closed throughout the day exposes the eggs to more frequent temperature fluctuations compromising the egg's overall quality.

4. Stretching Before Exercise

Stretching before exercise helps prevent muscle injuries and can even be beneficial to our performance but that's not strictly true. Stretching feels good and helps promote flexibility but there's no concrete scientific backing that it helps to reduce injury when done before exercise. Large-scale studies have shown that in high-intensity training like army exercises, stretching beforehand made no significant difference in injury rates or muscle soreness.

5. Middle of your food still cold after microwaving

This mostly happens when it is time to heat up some leftovers for lunch after zapping your meal in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you take it out only to find that the food on the edge is hot but the middle is still cold. This is because the radiation produced by microwaves doesn't travel very far and depending on how dense your meal is, those waves will only penetrate a limited amount of the food. Most people solve this problem by stopping and stirring their food several times. The best way to solve this quickly is leaving a hole in the middle of your food so that it forms a ring on the edges and will get cooked quickly after heating without leaving an icy in the center.

6. Standing Upright To Urinate

Being able to stand up, unzip and quickly relieve yourself is just one of the many privileges of being a man but it's not always the best way to go about IT. In fact, sitting down actually allows men to empty more of their bladder than if they were standing upright. This is because you're able to use your abdominal muscles to really push every last drop out.

7. Sitting Straight On The WC

Sitting up straight on the WC is that it keeps a pain in your lower part caused by preserving muscle of the pubertalis. This forces you to strain harder when pushing out poop from your colon risking the development of painful conditions like hemorrhoids and colon disease. A simple squat raising your knees up to your chest roughly 35 degrees from your body relaxes that pubertalis muscle and straightens out your colon giving you a straight route to poop.

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