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Checkout These Beautiful And Gorgeous Auto Gele Styles To Rock Your Favourite Native Attires

One of the most beautiful and elegant fashion piece for women is auto gele. The name auto is added to the gele which is a Yoruba word for the head gear) because it is tied in such a way that it can be worn automatically without dismantling or scattering it anytime you want to use it.

This beautiful head piece can be done with asọ oké (a Yoruba word too), it's a hard fabric used for head tie and in most occasions for making cloths. There many other hard fabrics in the market used to achieve these stunning geles.

Gele is suitable for attending grand occasions or events like church, wedding, traditional weddings etc. It is very ideal to wear them with native attires instead of English ones.

Like fascinators, it is vital to match the color of your gele with the shoes or sandals, purse or bag. It will give your outfit that popping color and attention at any occasion.

If you are a lover of gele, I hope you were able to pick one or two styles from these beautiful pieces for that event or occasion you want to attend. Please kindly share and comment your thoughts.

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