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Makeup Skills

Makeup Among Ladies & Its Controversies

Make up is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Even though it originated long ago, the rate at which it is being practiced by most ladies keep increasing. Make up has affected modern society in a number of significant ways. Whether good or bad the fact still remains that make up has made its way into everyday life of most ladies. Sometimes making up comes with negativity and stereotypes to those who wear it. Regardless of this, it is much more accepted and appreciated by others and most ladies still prefer to wear makeup. 

The reasons why ladies make up vary. Some ladies put on makeup in order to boost their confidence. They feel more powerful when they are in makeup. There are ladies who believe that they are more beautiful or are only attractive, when they are in makeup. As a result, they always put on makeup anytime they are stepping out. Some ladies are not used to leaving the house without wearing makeup. To them, it is a confidence booster. However, this is sometimes not the best because in situations where one is not able to apply makeup, the person is likely to feel less confident in themselves or their beauty. Moreover applying make up all the time makes it impossible for one to appear exceptionally beautiful on special occasions. They are always in make-up and on special days where people want to appear much more attractive than the usual days, no difference is made by those who often wear makeup. 

In addition, some ladies put on makeup to look younger. Makeup helps some ladies to look younger especially those with wrinkles. Make up can be used to cover wrinkles and dark circles making them invisible. Make up can also be used as a form of beauty enhancement. Even though make up can make some people appear totally different from how they look without it, the main idea to some ladies is to enhance their beauty. In the process of applying makeup, some ladies focus on their already outstanding facial features making them appear even more attractive. For instance, ladies with round, bigger and attractive eyes can focus on that side while applying makeup to make them appear much more beautiful. 

The fact cannot be denied that ladies put on makeup to look more beautiful and cover their insecurities by covering acne, dark spots and uneven skin tone. However, makeup has not always been helpful to some people. There are ladies who apply makeup and look worse than their look on a normal day. Some people are not skilled enough when it comes to the wearing of makeup. There have been occasions where people looked unattractive all in the name of wearing makeup. 

Sometimes you will see someone with wrongly drawn eyebrows, wrong lipstick colour and too much use of makeup powder. When this happens, the makeup fails to enhance beauty but rather makes a person appear unattractive compared to the normal face without makeup.

Regardless of this some people are well skilled and can make up to look very beautiful or even change their look completely to the better. There are some controversies surrounding the wearing of make up by ladies. There have been instances where people consider the wearing of makeup to be a form of deceit. The claims are that ladies wear make up to deceive men into thinking they are pretty when they are not. Some people get surprised by the huge difference seen when a lady always in makeup decides to go a day without it. The person's face looks completely different. In most situations, less pretty than when seen in makeup. Despite all these, some people do not mind wearing makeup all the time. It is always a matter of choice.

By: Saeed Fridaus

Content created and supplied by: DrayB (via Opera News )


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