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Use this type of toothpaste and toothbrush to brush your teeth- Dentist Doctor advises

Doctors have always advice us to brush our teeth at least twice a day but it is recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal.

Dentist Doctor, Dr Gwedolyn Amarquaye-Bayitsw on giving oral health education stated that one should not use less than two minutes in brushing the teeth with the reason being that the plaque from the teeth will not be removed.

She also stated that one should not be in a haste when brushing the teeth. People normally rush to clean their mouth so far as the liquid paste has gotten into their mouth. There are basically five surfaces that need to brushed which includes front surface, chewing surface, inner surface and the interproximal surfaces.

Brushing the teeth should however be done with care, use soft brush not hard ones and do it slowly to avoid damaging your gum and lead to gum bleeding.

It is advisable that one should change the toothbrush every three months.

She also advised in the type of paste to use “To avoid any issues with your teeth, it is very important to use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush and remember to change it every 3 months. Also, do well to visit the dentist regularly and avoid sugary foods. Drink more water. Brush with the family,” Dr Gwendolyn emphasized.

Let's practice what the Doctor has advised us to do and keep our teeth in good condition.

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Gwedolyn Amarquaye-Bayitsw


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