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Checkout This List Of Rarest Standards For Beauty Around The World

This world is full of surprises indeed. Everyday we see and hear of new things which cannot seem to stop amazing us. These things we say usually make us think there is a Superior Being controlling the earth. Day in day out, new issues pop up in our ears and online that really shocks most of us. Men, women and children are all involved in making this world a better place. Every country, city, village and town have their own way of defining beauty among their people. The region of the world you find yourself in greatly influences your perception of beauty. The conditions that you have to be in or some qualities you need to have to be considered as a beautiful person differs from person to person, tribe to tribe.

In this article, my team and I bring you some of the rarest criteria some people use to define beauty.

1 . The Long Horn Miao Tribe Beautiful Women

Photo Credit: Pilot Guides

This is a tribal group of the Miao minority found in Longga, Southwest China. In this tribe, beautiful women are considered in a mush different way from just outer beauty. Here beautiful women wear costumes and ‘horned’ head pieces. Wearing the horned head pieces made from hair of their ancestors and weighs about 13lbs or 6kg. Wearing this proves the beauty of the induvidual.

2 . Padaung Tribe's Beautiful Women

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

Padaung is a group of Karen living on the plateau area, slopes down to be steps above the Salween River in Kayah state of Burma near the North of the Thai border. The people of Padaung stay peacefully. In this small town to be considered a beautiful woman, that woman must wear the rings to show their beauty, class status and position.

3 . Ohaguro Tradition

Photo Credit: Pro Japan

In Japan, the blackening of teeth is dated back to the Kofun period. Excavated bones and clay figures, called haniwa, were found showing traces of blackened teeth. This hints the tradition of this custom. Women here are seen with white painted faces, red lipstick and black-dyed teeth. This is a sign of wealth and beauty in the tribe.

4 . Mursi Tribe Women

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For one to be considered beautiful and ready for marriage in the among the Suri people, that person needs to put on the lip plug. For starters, the four lower front teeth are removed and a hole is made in the lower lip. A plug is inserted into the hole to stretch it more. When the hole is 4cm, the first round plate is inserted into the whole. The most diligent girls manage to insert a plate of 40cm. The plate in the lip makes the lady feel more feminine and beautiful and shows the woman's readiness for marriage.

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Long Horn Miao Tribe


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