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Reactions As Popular Crossdresser, "Jay Boogie" Was Spotted Wearing Revealing Outfit In New Pictures

Never before has mainstream Ghana witnessed cross dressers proudly strutting their feathers on social media and in public. Over the past couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of cross-dressers in Ghana.

Few hours ago ,popular Instagram crossdresser, Anthony Daniel best known as Jay Boogie took to his verified Instagram page and shared new stunning and sultry pictures of himself flaunting his womanly body shape. He looks extremely gorgeous in the new photographs as he was spotted donning a nice jumpsuit. He quoted his post with the caption, "The last slide is the thorough definition of perfection".

Gay is already punishable with up to three years in jail in Ghana, where homophobic persecution is widespread, but the draft law would go much further making it illegal to be LGBT+ or advocate for LGBT+ rights, and imposing longer sentences.

Homo is against the law in Ghana and attracts a 14 year in prison fine. Cross-dressing isn't against the law and while all cross dressers are not gay, the emergence of these men who dress like women might be a way to coyly make homos accepted in this country.

Cross-dressing is like a canker worm which has eaten deep into the morale of many Ghanaians. Most people assume it is nothing, not knowing it is a magnificent portrayal of moral degeneration. Why on earth would someone even consider dressed as the opposing gender? The thought alone is horrifying, let alone the deed. You'd think you'd seen them all in Ghana, but there's always one more.

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