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The Best Bride's Maids. 25 pictures of the near perfect Brides and their Bride's Maids

Brides maids are known to tag along Brides on their weddings, with some brides maids playing no roles while others play some with roles ranging from helping the Bride get along with her dress or wiping off sweat or assisting her with holder other accessories on her wedding day.

Brides usually add a bit of glamor and fun to the big occasion going as far as showing some crazy dance moves when it's time for reception after the wedding ceremony.

Below are some pictures of beautiful and colorful Brides, and thier Bride's Maids aka Bridal train. The picture are from a collection of pictures form the wider internet and on social media too, with varying backgrounds and culture as well.

These pictures are in no particular order as they are all beautiful and gorgeous in their own way.

We say near perfect because as humans as we are, perfection is usually not our thing.

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