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The hip joint is a ball and attachment synovial joint, framed by a verbalization between the pelvic hip bone socket and the top of the femur. 

It frames an association from the lower appendage to the pelvic support, and subsequently is intended for security and weight-bearing – instead of a huge scope of development. 

In this article, we will take a gander at the life structures of the hip joint – its articulating surfaces, tendons and neurovascular supply. 

The hip joint comprises of a verbalization between the head of femur and hip bone socket of the pelvis. 

The hip bone socket is a cup-like melancholy situated on the inferolateral part of the pelvis. Its pit is developed by the presence of a fibrocartilaginous collar – the acetabular labrum. The head of femur is hemispherical, and fits totally into the concavity of the hip bone socket. 

Both the hip bone socket and head of femur are canvassed in articular ligament, which is thicker at the spots of weight bearing. 

The container of the hip joint appends to the edge of the hip bone socket proximally. Distally, it appends to the intertrochanteric line anteriorly and the femoral neck posteriorly. 

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