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Classy kente styles you should definitely try out this year.

Even if you're not Ashanti or Ewe(the main groups of people who make the fabric ),you know kente is one of the most famous and respected fabrics in our part of the world.It represents the art,the history and literature of the vibrant culture of the Asantes,or more collectively, the Akan tribe in Ghana. Kente was only worn by royals sometime ago,but now,everyone has access to it.It is worn to display how proud the Akans are of their roots.

It's also fascinating how nowadays the fabrics can be fashioned to look like gowns or other ready made dresses.

With the way African fabrics are in fashion right now, it's no surprise that kente has become more accessible and trendy.It's also not the traditional kente we know only,there's tones of different designs, styles and colors woven together now.

Aside gracing occasions with these classy but culturally aware with the fabrics, you can also use this for wedding receptions, the traditional ceremonies, even bridesmaids dresses.

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Akan Asantes Ashanti Ewe( Ghana


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