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Six(6) Places A Woman Wished To Be Touched And Adored But Keeps It Secret

Men are enthralled by female body parts such as the private portion, the front size, and the backside, but women are so much more.

A woman's body has different places where she needs to be adored but won't tell you about. You must pay attention to her responses when you study her whole body.

What works for one person is unlikely to work for anyone else.

Women have pleasure receptors all over their bodies, and stimulating any of these often-overlooked places may be enough to put her in a good mood.

The following are some of the areas of her body that you can explore and touch during your next session with her.

The hair and scalp are both affected.

The hair and scalp are erogenous zones for certain people. I strode her head in a caring manner, gently massaging her with one finger in a circular motion all the way from her temple down to the back of her neck. When she shows you head or backshots, pulling her hair gives you a completely different vibe.

The Back of the Neck

The muscle that runs along the side of her neck is highly sensitive to touch in most people, which is why gently breathing on her neck would provide her with a great deal of pleasure. Start with a few gentle kisses on her shoulders and work your way up to her hairline.

The Senses of Hearing(Ears)

You just need to kiss and whisper in your woman's ear to see how happy she becomes.

Thighs on the inside(Inner thigh)

Touching her inner thighs with your hands and mouth while avoiding the private part area is a perfect taunt that will get her worked up. Try getting excruciatingly close to her supreme pleasure spot while caressing her there, then pulling back before going all the way.

The feet's bottoms

Pressure points and nerve endings in your feet will arouse you. Since some people have a sensitivity to tickling in their feet, you'll need to apply pressure and use slow, steady strokes. You now understand that a foot massage can be so relaxing.


The brain is the most significant erogenous zone for a woman. If we're not in a good mood due to tension, fatigue, or anything else, it may prevent the rest of the body from experiencing pleasure. First, turn us on emotionally and psychologically, then see how the show develops.

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