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Skin Care

Treat your stretch marks with these things and thank me later.

As a man most people think I don't have to care so much about my skin but I tell you that it's even a sin to treat your skin anyhow. For quite some time now I have been on the edge to understand why women in particular are so much peculiar about their skin. And I found out that it's a contributing factor to their beauty. Do you know that the colour of your skin contributes to your whole look as a person?. Well in today's write up I will talking about a very dreadful threat to most ladies, stretch marks.

In our world today if you are careful and you don't treat something little that appears in your skin early it might end up causing more harm than expected. I therefore decided to help my dear ladies and gents who have stretch marks all over their bodies. At times it's a shame for some of them to even go out since the marks are at exposed places.

In treating stretch marks you only need to get shear butter and plantain and one other ingredients that I don't know the English name. You will first take the pales of the plantain and grind. Mix the grounded pales with the shear butter and the ingredient. This is the magic treatment for stretch marks that most people don't know. And to those who knows the English name for the other ingredient kindly share in the comment section.

Thank you.

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