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These YELLOW themed African print styles will look amazing for any event during the holidays.

Yellow is one of those colors that are just easy on the eyes and sit right with the skin, especially dark skin.It is not too attention demanding but at the same time gives you the right amount of color to pull off your look.I have written on white laces and Ankara styles in general, but I think yellow just deserves its own flowers.

Being in yellow is beautiful for attending events, particularly because of how cheery yet calm of a color it is.Parties,weddings, receptions in general, church, you name it,well except for funerals of course.

As I already mentioned, yellow is not a really attention grabbing color, well depending on the shade but you know what I am trying to get at.Accessories could be limited to just footwear and jewelry depending on how all out you wanna go.

It can also be in splotches, that is some parts of the dress could be yellow, or the overall thing could be just yellow whichever one suits your taste.

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African YELLOW


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