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Struggling To Hide Your Tummy In A dress? Here Are Few Tips To Help Solve That.

Gone were those days when having a big tummy was believed to be a sign of good living. Well that believe has been eradicated. The new believe now, is, flat tummy is the best and if you don’t have it, you don’t fit into the fashion world.

This has led many women to go through liposuction surgeries to get that flat tummy in order to avoid criticism. Others go to the gym, exercise a lot at home but can’t see any improvement and it’s frustrating them.

Yes, exercise to keep fit and toned but don’t over stress and frustrate yourself. So here are some few tips to help hide your tummy in a dress without stress.

1 Opt For High Waisted Jeans:

Low waist jeans exerts pressure on your lower waist puffing up the muffin tops and love handles making you look big. On the other hand, high waisted jeans fit at the upper part of the waist hiding the muffin tops and love handles giving you a slimmer look.

2 Get A black Dress:

Black usually hides a lot of things (from dirt, to shape, to height). So make sure you get a black dress in your closet. It really gives that slimmer, flat tummy, perfect shape illusion.

3 Buy A Shapewear:

Shape wear is one essential thing in women clothing as it helps to enhance the look of a lady In a dress. When getting shapewears, purchase a little bit smaller than your actual size for it to work the magic for you. I know most Ladies complain of how expensive it can be but you can get a less expensive one in the thrift store (second hand clothing).

4 Your Posture:

Standing with your chest/back bent can give you a fat tummy look. Try to always stand straight with your chest out. You can try standing against a wall with your back facing it to correct your posture.

5 Dresses Should Be High Waisted:

When buying a dress, buy one that is above your lower waist as it exert much pressure on your tummy preventing the puffing up of the muffin tops, giving you the perfect look.

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