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Gentlemen, Some Prints And Plain Shirt Styles Perfect For Events And Occassions

Gone are the days, when men had to wear shirts without any form of detail. These shirts were either stripes, plaids, normal plain t-shirts, gingham or in plain colours. The shirts were often long or short sleeves. Simple plain t-shirts and polo shirts were not left out of fashion. In some cases, these t-shirts may have designs printed on them.

Over the years, fashion has changed a lot, not only for women but for men as well. Although the above-mentioned fashion for men is still in existence, their fashion sense has changed a lot. The introduction of African wax prints has played a vital role, bringing out creative details in outfits for men.

Ankara or Ntoma, as we know refers to African wax prints in Nigeria and Ghana respectively. These beautiful and authentic fabrics are usually combined with plain coloured fabrics to make outfits for men. Also, the plain fabrics on the other hand can be a plain coloured t-shirt, polished cotton, woodin, daviva or any type of suitable textile brand.

The silhouette of men outfits are the same, it does not change in any way. It is the same collar style, either classic shirt collar or mandarin collars also known as Chinese collar. Sleeves styles are the same, both long and short. The shape of the shirts are always straight without any darts. Unlike women who have a wide variety of sleeve styles, collar styles, trouser styles and a lot to choose from in garments production.

Due to how limited men outfit silhouette is, the best thing is to focus design on the outfit surface. Fashion designers have carefully thought of this approach and are doing massive creative work.

As a gentleman, there a different places you can take these awesome designs. For casual purposes, use wax prints to design your t-shirts and match them with a pair of jeans trousers. Kente prints designs can be used on one of the sleeves or both sleeves. Any other beautiful fabric can be used on the upper chest area of the t-shirt.

For events and social gatherings such as weddings, church service, thanksgiving service or any special occasions, kaftan can still have a combination of prints and plain fabric combinations. Also, because the surface of the outfit is the centre of attraction, wax prints can be placed diagonally matching one of the sleeves. Be it a long or short sleeve.

Detailing the kente fabric at one side of the round neck t-shirts looks good and fashionable. If you want to stand out of the crowd, use the kente on one long sleeve and half chest. One of the best plains recommended colours to use is white.

Furthermore, combining African wax prints and plains fabrics create an interesting patchwork look. Often, plain fabrics such as black, wine, white, green or coffee brown colours dominate the African wax prints, making them a very beautiful combination.

Again, regarding this incredible patchwork detailing, pockets are not left out. Even though pockets can be made in African wax prints and placed against the plain fabric, sometimes only the wax prints are used around the fabric. This creates an attractive look, that is having pockets in two different fabrics.

Also, gentlemen, another way to make your shirts glamorous is the use of motifs and patterns from ankara or ntoma. Angelina, an authentic African wax prints, is popularly admired for its vertical motif and borders. Due to the shape and design of these motifs, they are suitable for necklines and sleeves edges. With this design tool, you can be rest assured that, you will certainly make a bold fashion statement.

In conclusion, consider these trendy shirt styles and match them with either a pair of jeans trousers or plain black trousers. Another reason rock in these designs is to promote our cultural heritage with the use of these beautiful African wax prints.

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