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Makeup Skills

Her back and front view left everyone confused and wanting to know the truth

Makeup has proven to really enhance women’s looks, making them appear more beautiful in the eyes of others.

It really depends on the individual and their purpose of why they choose to wear makeup. I agree, that makeup can completely change the appearance of a girl/women. 

A picture on Twitter left people puzzled and wondering what the truth is. A lady was in a saloon seat and showcasing her freshly done blonde hairstyle when people pointed out something in the mirror. Her reflection in the mirror seemed to not match her back view. She looked young and fair-skinned at the back but her face was old and dark.

What could make someone look young at same time look old on the Mirror.

Personally, all girls/women are beautiful with or without makeup.

If you are applying makeup on a regular basis and leaving it on your skin for a long time, there are chances that your skin pores get clogged. 

Certain makeup products can make your skin drier or more oily than it usually is. Additionally, when people with naturally dry skin try to put makeup on top of their skin, the makeup can make their skin even drier. 

People had to ask whether or not this picture was shopped because the body and face do not fit. Somebody asked whether the mirror was right or if something was wrong. They were very persistent about the fact that this was not the same person and asked her to turn to confirm it.

It seems like people don't often see old ladies doing their hair and trying to look nice. Not every mistress

girls spend so much time trying to put their makeup on to look like they aren't wearing any at all.

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