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True Beauty From A Woman's Perspective

Pulchritude, beauty, outward look, however you choose to name it, all represent the dots, lines and curves of the artwork put together by the Master Craftsman.

Beauty attracts, it pleases the eyes, many a time ceases one's breath but beauty may be deceptive.

Moulded in the words of David, charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

She's pretty, sexy, fashionable, it's all good for the pleasantries and flirt but hey! That is likened to icing...where is the cake?

Far from the moron, not even the hungry will feast on a bowl of icing till day break. I guess your bells are ringing with the same thought as mine.

The icing looks, swag and mannerisms are enough! Where is the substance?

Be obsessed with something that will stick, because too much icing will make you sick if it has no substance with it.

Let the dummies be but don't let what attracts you, later make you sick.

As the horse gallops, so must you for a cake. It is not only sweet but comes with a substance.

Beauty may put a smile on your face but it will definitely fade just as the grass withers.

Beauty is beauty if it comes with the fear of the lord.

Too much icing accumulates cavities.

Make sure a bite of the icing compliments a taste of the cake.

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David Master Craftsman


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