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Do you want to get rid of malaria and skin blemishes? Use this leaf

When it comes to natural means of controlling health issues,we often think of neem,dandelion,aloe vera and mint leaves.The new addition to this list is papaya leaf that has medicinal properties.Even Ayurveda considers it an effective means to control a few life-threatening diseases.Though it might be difficult to consume leaves directly,it is advisable to squeeze out the juice.

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How to make papaya leaf juice

First of all,take 5-10 fresh and tender papaya leaves.Wash them under running water 5-6 times.Next,pit them in the juice jar and blend thoroughly to a smooth consistency.You can even use a blender to crush the leaves thoroughly.Strain the mixture using a thin cloth or a sieve.Fill the fresh juice in glass bottles and refrigerate to use later.

Now let's take a look at what it does:

1.It has antimalarial properties

While nothing has been medically documented till date but experiments suggest that papaya leaf extract can effectively treat malaria.It has plasmodiastatic properties that indirectly control malaria fever.

2.Good for skin smoothening

It is suggested to use papaya leaf juice as a moisturiser to open the clogged pores of facial skin.When used on a regular basis(twice a week),it also clears out pimples,acne and excessive oil from the face.

3.Fights dandruff and hair fall

All you need to do is crush fresh papaya leaves and apply on your scalp.By doing this you can easily remove excess oil,dirt and grime at the roots.It also nourishes and moisturizes the scalp and prevent the formation of dandruff.

4.Protects liver from diseases

papaya leaf juice cleanses your blood by lowering the cholesterol levels.This lowered cholesterol level further minimizes lipid pre-oxidation,and the liver is protected from all sort of free radical-induced inflammatory diseases,such as cirrhosis and jaundice

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