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Skin Care

The many Benefits of Mud Therapy

If you are looking to relax while enjoy a bit of pampering, a trip to the spa is one of the best methods of doing just that. With a host of treatment types available, getting away from the stresses of the workplace couldn’t be easier. One of these styles is mud therapy, and while many might discredit the benefits of plastering mud all over the body, you will be pleasantly surprised how it can help; these are just some of the best.

Inflammatory Properties

Offered at Titanic Spa, a Yorkshire health spa, one of the key benefits of having mud therapy is for coping with inflammation, as the mud and its minerals – including Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium – are known to alleviate aches and muscle pains. Studies have even shown that mud therapy can also help with the spinal condition of people who suffer from spondylitis, a painful condition which is caused by the inflammation of the vertebrae.

The Removal of Toxins

Mud therapy can also be great for removing toxins, especially as the mud used can draw out these pollutants and impurities that constantly attack the body. If these toxins sit in the body’s fat layers and are allowed to accumulate, they are known to cause serious harm to the biological process, so it’s best to remove them at all costs.

Exfoliation Of The Skin

As well as removing harmful toxins, the different types of mud and volcanic ash can also help to exfoliate and nourish the skin. As well as cleansing the skin, the natural mud can battle against the ageing of the skin – meaning that the skin will continue to look younger for longer.

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