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Eight(8) Cornrow styles to choose for all ladies.

Fixing of weavon brings headache because it waste time and consume a lot of money.Many women try all possible best to fixed weavon even if they don't have the money to do it forgotten that cornrow saves time and also saves a lot of money too.

Example is the brazilian virgin human hair which cost GHS702.

Choose this cornrow over fixing of weavon and be Free

1.The simple cornrow style

This is simple for all ladies who don't have much time for themselves and would like to choose cornrow over fixing of weavon.As you can see it gives you natural face and makes you so beautiful.

This natural cornrow is good for people with circular round face

2.The upward style

This is another brilliant natural cornrow for recent time and when it comes in for choosing this hair style is really easy for those with pointed face.

And the most amazing thing about it is that it brings out your natural beauty more than expected. to the side natural cornrow

The most surprising natural cornrow of all times which will leave you to an unimaginable thinking.

This is twisted to side by side where the hair also last for weeks before it gives sign of changing.

The carving experience about this hair brings much joy to anyone who does it and makes your hair feel so refreshing.

4.Incline cornrow style

is more fashionable and excellent in choosing a natural corn row.A superb for all ladies who would like to add beauty to their face.The amazing thing about this design is that it's inclination weave does not stop there but brings in another topmost range of series of gathers to the hair which make one more look awesome.

5.cross hand cornrow style

The cross hand style design comes with a different dimensions which makes it look more natural and put much smile on the face.

The reason is that it is attractive and brings people attention easily and anyone who sees it would like to watch again and put a question of smile on your face.

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